B r a d   J o h n s o n
Landscape Architect

Principal, Brad Johnson + Associates Limited
Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Urban Design




Curriculum Vitae

1936 Born, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, October 9


1958 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Landscape Architecture- University of Illinois

1963 Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design


1958 1958 Edward L Ryerson Fellow from the University of Illinois for six months travel in Europe
1963 1963 Charles Eliot Fellow from Harvard University- six months travel in Europe


1958-62 Project Planning Associates Limited, Toronto (time out for travel and graduate studies) Landscape Architect on a range of projects including the St Lawrence Seaway Parks, community planning, parks and recreation master planning and design.

1963-66 PPAL - Head, Department of Landscape Architecture. Expo 67, Kuwait Waterfront, were among a wide range of projects.

1966-82 Principal, Johnson Sustronk Weinstein + Associates Limited, a collaborative firm consulting in Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning.The firm undertook a wide range of master planning and design projects in the fields of housing, community planning, parks and recreation, civic design, waterfront and marina projects, institutional,industrial and commercial site development for a variety of private as well as municipal, provincial and federal government clients.

1975-82 Principal, Heine Johnson Sustronk Weinstein+ Associates Limited, Edmonton
1982-84 Sabbatical -Sailing and land travel

1984 -- Principal, Brad Johnson+Associates Limited- Consultant on a variety of land planning, waterfront, urban design and open space projects.



1974 Elected Fellow of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

1975 Elected Academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art

1979 Design Excellence Award for Capital City Recreation Park- City of Edmonton
Architecture Awards Competition

1979 National Gallery Of Canada Design Competition -Member of winning team with Parkin Architects

1979 First Prize and Commission -Milliken District Park Competition, Borough of Scarborough

1981 Merit Award for Ottawa Locks Pedestrianization-( OALA

1982 Honour Award for the Metro Toronto Zoo Master Plan -Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA)

1982 Honour Award for Milliken District Park (OALA)

1983 National Merit Award for the Master Plan of the Metro Toronto Zoo- Canadian Society of Landscape Architects (CSLA) Professional Design Awards

1983 National Citation Award — Milliken District Park Master Plan- Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

1983 Merit Award for Larry Sefton Park, Toronto (OALA)

1983 Merit Award for Park Centre Office Complex, Don Mills (OALA)

1987 Design Award of Merit for Park Centre- from the City of North York

1987 Design Award of Merit for Yonge Corporate Centre City of North York

1992 First Honourable Mention- Rideau Hall National Rose Garden Competition

1993 Award of Excellence in Urban Design for Etobicoke North Neighbourhood

1997 Commendation from Ministry of Natural Resources for the Design of Landon Bay East

2002 OPI Award for Durham College/UOIT South Campus Master Plan.


1976-- Guest Critic, part time teacher, adjunct professor in design at the Universities of Guelph, Toronto, Manitoba, Massachusetts, Canberra and the Conway School.

1977 Visiting professional and team leader- Design Charrette Week -University of Guelph

1987-- Member, Provost's Advisory Board, University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Architecture


1963-82 Member Canadian Society of Landscape Architects and later, Ontario Association of Landscape Architects. Participated on various committees including by- law revisions, foundation for registration of the profession, fee schedules, member and chair of Examining Board, Apprenticeship program

1985-86 Chair, CSLA Accreditation Council

1986-87 President-Elect, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

1987-88 Chair- Liaison Committee between American Society of Landscape Architects and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects

1987-88 Member, restructuring committee of the Landscape Architecture Canada Foundation

1987-88 President, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects
Chair , CSLA External Affairs Committee

1989 CSLA representative to the National Forum on Design

1993-94 Member, inaugural Steering Committee for Design Ontario.

1997 Distinguished Visiting Practitioner- forum on the Future of Landscape architecture- British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects 1997 Congress


1960-62 Member of the Board of the Stratford Seminar on Civic Design

1974 Member -Mayor's Committee -Revitalisation of the Town of Uxbridge, Ontario

1975-76 Member- Examining Board- Royal Canadian Academy of Art

1980-81 President- Uxbridge Township Rate payer's Association

1984-88 Member-Ontario Renews Awards Jury

1988 National juror- Premier's Design Awards, Province of Saskatchewan

1987-88 Design Consultation for the Township Of South Crosby

1987 Landscape architectural member of the Port Stanley CAUSE team, a program of the Ontario Association of Architects

1986-87 Participant -Coalition of Citizen's groups for the development of Block D- Kingston , Ontario waterfront

1987 Participant - Waterfront planning workshop for the City of Kingston's Block D

1987 Visiting professional- Urbanarium Charrette by UBC Landscape Architecture students--a redesign of Vancouver

1990 Member - Toronto Arts Awards Jury

1992 Member - Ontario Arts Council - Design Awards Jury

1993 Author of a community initiative to develop a multi modal trails system as catalyst for economic development in North Leeds County.

1993 Author of a community initiative for revitalisation of Village of Elgin, Ontario

1993 Member- The Design Strategy Steering Committee - Design for a Strong Ontario

1993-96 Board member- Friends of the Rideau

1996 National Juror representing Landscape Architecture- Premier's Design Awards, Province of Saskatchewan


1966 "The Challenge of the Expanding Role of the Landscape Architect" a presentation at the Landscape Architecture Conference, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa 1966

1967 " The Community Centre-Site Selection"- - a paper presented at the Invitational Conference on Community Centres in Canada- sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Association of Canada -Montreal 1967

1967 " A Systematic Approach To Regional Planning For Recreation" a paper presented on behalf of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects at the Canadian Symposium of Recreation- Montreal , June 12,1967

1970 "Outside The Walls" -a presentation to the School Design Workshop at the conference "Education And Architecture in the 20th Century" sponsored by the Ontario Department of Education, Windsor, Ontario, March,1970

1976 "There is a Road in My Park/ A Park in My Road" Speech to the Hamilton Auto Club on the occasion of their 73rd Anniversary, Hamilton ,Ontario, 1976

1978 "Planting Design For Municipal Parklands" - paper for Recreation Canada

1987 "Fulfilling Our Mandate" a speech presented at LABASH '87 Conference, Université de Montréal, March 1987

1988 "Kingston's Downtown Waterfront- Citizen Participation"- an article- Landscape Architecture Review. March 1987

1987 Retrospective of professional practice at Forum On Form , a lecture series on designing our environment, sponsored jointly by the professional associations of Architects , Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and Community Planners of the Province of Saskatchewan. Regina and Saskatoon, November 1987.

1988 "Visions of the 21st Century"- speech at the Conference "Politics of the Landscape" on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, Toronto, March 1988

1992 "New Century - New Attitudes" Speech at the 1992 Ryerson Institute of Technology Awards Presentation

1995 Presentation of selected works at the Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, Australia

1995 "Sustainable Development"; speech at the 1000 Islands International Conference, Ivy Lea Ontario -Nov.1995

1996 "What is Landscape Architecture", speech at the Premier's Design Awards, Saskatoon April 1996


Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Emeritus

Fellow - Canadian Society Of Landscape Architects

Academician- Royal Canadian Academy of Art



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